Our Services

  1.  SALE PURCHASE                    
  6.  PROPERTY MARKETING               

We offer versatile and comprehensive range of services and considerable knowledge of the market place. Our experience will ensure that you are in safe hands, while buying and selling any property. Our services include:

  1. Real Estate

Is always a worthwhile investment, whether bought, sold, rented or owned for commercial or residential purposes, it requirestremendous planning, research and strategy. We are empowered with in depth knowledge of the real estate market and thus can provide you effective guidance in terms of investments.

  1. Documentation Services:

Assistance in procurement of Stamp Papers and complete registration process in courts, we also provide document services to the clients which makes the procedure of buying & selling much easier. Our services include:

  1. Sale & Purchase of Residential & Commercial Properties

While guiding you through the entire process till final transaction / acquisition of property. We assist the clients in buying and selling of Residential & Commercial Properties - Plots, Flats, Shops, Offices, Bungalows, Villas, and Independent Floors and support them in a hassle free dealing.

  1. After Investment Services:

We also provide after investment services for regular updates regarding properties.

  1. Consultancy Services for Overseas Clients:

We are specialized in offering our services to overseas clients and save their valuable time with our quick and hassle free services. Providing initial information on the commercial and residential property market in and around the capital region (including advice on gross rental, availability, normal Lease terms and structures, Location alternatives and tenure issues)


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